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Tie Down Kit - Corkscrew Style

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Trampolines are not cheap - help protect your investment from damage due to strong winds with a Zero Gravity Tie Down Kit. During Storm Doris in February 2017 over 5% of our customers had their trampoline blow over or away - none of these customers had a tie down kit fitted to their trampoline.

Do I really need a Tie Down Kit?

The simple answer is no. They are not required in every day use and are simply used to help reduce the risk of your trampoline blowing away in strong winds. If you live in an exposed area or if a storm is forecast then we would strongly recommend that you fit one to your trampoline to prevent it blowing over or away.

How do they work?

Our tie down kit consists of 4 corkscrew style stakes and 4 heavy duty nylon straps. Simply screw the stake into the ground so that only the top loop is exposed, connect the strap to the top frame of the trampoline and then hook onto the loop of the stake, adjust the strap so that is taught.

Are they guaranteed to stop my trampoline blowing over?

Unfortunately not as there are so many factors involved. Condition of your soil (will the stake remain in place or be pulled out?) and the strength of the wind being the main ones. All we can say is that our straps can take a load of over 150KG before breaking so the risk of your trampoline blowing away is significantly reduced.?

If you would like to review the instruction manual for this product please click on the link below..

Zero Gravity Corkscrew Style Trampoline Tie Down Kit Instruction Manual

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Tie Down Kit - Corkscrew Style
Tie Down Kit - Corkscrew Style
Tie Down Kit - Corkscrew Style

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